2 years

Starting Date

End of September

Tuition Fee

From € 756 to a maximum of € 2,626 per year*


Siena, Italy

*The tuition fee is calculated according to the country of origin and ranges from a minimum of € 756 to a maximum of € 2,626 (per year).

About the programme

The Electronics and Communications Engineering programme taught at University of Siena provides studies in key technical areas such as digital communication techniques, information theory, electronic design and high-frequency techniques. Besides a solid math science/engineering education, students can improve their skills tailoring the course to their requirements by choosing among a number of option modules in application fields such as security, safety, energy and environment.


This is a 2-year graduate programme taught entirely in English, offered to both national and international students.

The Master’s Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering provides methodologies of advanced mathematical calculus, in particular functional and complex analysis, in order to introduce the necessary tools to model and formalize the solutions of complex information engineering problems.

The training is complemented by providing advanced understanding of the different topics characterizing the fields of Telecommunications and Electronics by providing progressive knowledge and skills for digital transmission techniques, theoretical and practical aspects of the information theory, analysis and management of telecommunication networks, representation and protection of multimedia information, advanced knowledge on the design of sensors and microsystems, on radio-frequency components, on analog and digital circuit design.

Courses Included

  • Advanced Digital Image Processing
  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Antennas And Propagation
  • Mathematical Methods For Engineering
  • Microwave Engineering
  • Networking
  • Reliability And Design For Safety
  • Statistical Signal Processing

Career Prospects

Graduates in Electronics and Communications Engineering can find jobs within industries, public companies, government agencies, financial institutions and research centres, whose R&D divisions carry out activities concerning design, production and management of systems for information processing and transmission, data networking, wired and wireless transmission, design, development and management of complex electronic systems and subsystems.

In particular, main positions are in companies involved in design, production and management of telecommunication systems, as well as infrastructures for data acquisition and transportation and information technology applications for telecommunications, remote sensing and multimedia.

Graduates in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the University of Siena will acquire knowledge in the vast and complex field of smart and wireless sensor systems. Typical job opportunities for the Master’s graduates include companies producing or managing telecommunication and smart sensor systems, in the agro-food, tourism and medical areas, safety and care to elderly or disabled, preservation of cultural heritage, space and automotive industry, energy, etc. Master’s graduates in Electronics and Communications Engineering can access the Italian Professional Society of Engineers, Information Engineering section.

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