Welcome to University of Siena!

The University of Siena awards first cycle, second cycle and single long cycle degrees in the following Departments:

  • Medical Biotechnologies
  • Molecular and Developmental Medicine
  • Medicine, Surgery and Neuroscience
  • Economics and Statistics
  • Law
  • Political and International Sciences
  • Business and Law
  • Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy
  • Information Engineering and Mathematics
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences, Earth and Environment
  • Philology and Literary Criticism
  • Education, Human Sciences and Intercultural Communication
  • Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences
  • History and Cultural Heritage

as well as several interfaculty degrees.

The teaching activities of the University of Siena’s first and second level courses are generally carried out in one of the fifteen Departments.

Postgraduate education at the University of Siena is carried out in postgraduate schools, advanced master’s programmes, training, advanced training and refresher courses and summer schools, while postgraduate research is performed in the doctoral schools.