2 years

Starting Date

End of September

Tuition Fee

From € 756 to a maximum of € 2,626 per year*


Siena, Italy

*The tuition fee is calculated according to the country of origin and ranges from a minimum of € 756 to a maximum of € 2,626 (per year).

About the programme

The new hybrid and multicompetent professional figure will be able to hold roles of increasing responsibility in the research, development and management fields of a crucial industrial sector.

The enrolled student of the new Master’s Degree in Sustainable Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from University of Siena is therefore a student who will have to develop highly multidisciplinary knowledge, based on advanced bio-molecular scientific and technical basis on the most innovative and sustainable features of the industrial biotechnology field. A master student that will also acquire knowledge on international managerial skills as well as on the European directives and regulations to allign pharmaceutical biotechnological companies to sustainable development. Lastly, a graduate who will hold, at the end of her/his master’s course, the 10 top skills as recommended by the third World Economic Forum.

Big Data Challenges of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Personalized and Precision Medicine will have a strategic role in the technological innovation of the Biotech-pharma, Agrifood, Bioeconomy and bio-based Industry. They will revolutionize public and private sectors, reshaping new boundaries and designing new horizons both for companies and for research. The enrolled student of the new Master’s Degree will be able to apply AI-based technologies for the processing, integration and analysis of data deriving from the biotech and pharmaceutical fields, in order to provide predictions of or recommendations for diagnosis, therapy, health status, lifestyle, nutrition by defining new models and improving therapeutic outcomes, in view of a sustainable development of the biotech-pharma sector. The renewal of industrial capitalism has to make use of such digital technologies for the innovative design of goods and services.

Innovative and immersive training methods by means of Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Biotech-pharmaceutical sector, Agrifood and bio-based industries will also be implemented.

Courses Included

  • Advanced Analytical Chemistry
  • Advanced Chemical Biology
  • Big Data Issues in Computational Biological Chemistry
  • Big Data Issues in Computational Chemistry
  • Bioconjugate and Green Chemistry
  • Health and Safety in the Working Environment
  • International Management

Career Prospects

We have the ambition to educate a novel polyvalent, multi-competent, cross-cutting professional playing responsibility roles for the biotech-pharma sector.

The student of SIPB will therefore gain highly multisectorial and multidisciplinary knowledge on an solid bio-molecular advanced scientific basis over the most innovative and sustainable green bio-industrial scenario.

A graduate with acquired international management and regulatory competence related to sustainable development.

Finally, a graduate possessing the 10 top skills indicated by the third World Economic Forum.

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