2 years

Starting Date

End of September

Tuition Fee

From € 756 to a maximum of € 2,626 per year*


Siena, Italy

*The tuition fee is calculated according to the country of origin and ranges from a minimum of € 756 to a maximum of € 2,626 (per year).

About the programme

The Biodiversity and Environmental Health course from the University of Siena aims to provide insights into the field of biodiversity and the ways of its interlinking with planetary health. Themes in the areas of microbial, fungal, plant and animal diversity will be covered, either by lectures and laboratory based activities.

Study Content

  • Modules focusing on conservation biology and resource management will be addressed to train students on environmental sustainability, by defining the role of living organisms within ecosystems and applying monitoring and control techniques in order to preserve their diversity.
  • Critical issues concerning the contribution of biodiversity to the development of pharmaceuticals and the quality and safety control of food sources will be also considered.
  • Altogether, the course is designed to prepare a new generation of experts able to research and apply integrated approaches to biodiversity and planet health.

Career Prospects

The course prepares for the biologist profession and others assimilated. Some examples are: researcher at state and private universities and other public and private research organizations; responsible in pharmaceutical, biotechnological and agro-food industries and in public and private laboratories; responsible in public and private bodies (Municipalities, Regions, Museums, Parks and Protected Areas). In addition, it enables the access to courses and/or competitions for the teaching of science disciplines in public and private primary and higher schools.

  • Researcher at Universities and other public and private research organizations
  • Head of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries Laboratories
  • Responsible in public and private bodies
  • Free professional biologist

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