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Siena, Italy

*The amount of tuition fees is based on both the student’s family income, as declared in the ISEE certification. The ISEE values for the calculation of contribution range from a minimum of € 16,000 up to a maximum of € 90,000 in order to properly consider the real economic conditions of the family. For ISEE less than € 16,000 no contribution is expected.

About the programme

The purpose of the Economics and Management programme offered by the University of Siena addresses the fundamentals of accounting and management, of financial intermediation within the banking industry, of the insurance sector and financial markets, together with a sound training in all the core economic disciplines, both at the microeconomic and the macroeconomic level, including the historical perspective and the statistical methods for data analysis of social sciences.


  • Banking and Finance

Graduates in Banking and Finance will develop expertise in understanding financial markets and institutions context and complexity and will acquire all the core skills required for banking and financial job positions.

Graduates will have the ability: to understand the techniques of risk management, to deal with the financial instruments needed to manage a portfolio, to handle computational finance techniques applied to banking and financial scenarios. Moreover, graduates will be able to orient themselves in the world of new technologies applied to Finance (Fintech), as well as to discern products and provide financial advice.

  • Business and Management

Graduates in Business and Management will develop competences and knowledge to critically address planning and management control issues, and to prepare and analyze corporate measurement and reporting documents about both financial and non-financial performance.

Graduates will also acquire specific skills about innovative topical issues such as those of digital management and corporate social responsibility. Graduates in Business and Management will be able to use their skills working for companies or organizations of any size and operating in various industries.

  • Economics and Social Sciences

Graduates in Economics and Social Sciences will develop skills in understanding economic and financial phenomena and will acquire all the core skills required for the analysis of economic and social issues, including data analysis for social sciences.

Graduates will have the ability: to deal with market economies and related phenomena, both from a strictly economic point of view and in terms of social implications; to properly frame credit and financial phenomena in the macroeconomic context, both at a domestic and international level; to handle quantitative methods applied to economic and social cases, through theoretical, empirical and historical approaches.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates are expected to acquire both core economic and management capabilities and excellent problem solving skills that will enable them to successfully enter the international labour market.

Specific job opportunities include junior positions in various firm’s occupations in companies, organizations and institutions active in an international environment.

Graduates will also attain a significant advantage for progressing to a number of graduate courses and, in particular, for three MSc programmes taught in English at the School of Economics and Business of the University of Siena: MSc in Economics, Mcs in Finance and MSc in International Accounting and Management.

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